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of the fire fight. the roarer newspaper shared us this video using tout video sharing app. crews fought the fire using ladder crews, you can see the concerned neighbors looking on as firefighters rushed to the scene of basically every time they turned another fire was breaking out. >> travis air force base sent crews to help battle this, they do now have four units on the scene. we have a view to share with you this, is from one evacuee leaving the neighborhood here. >> many people are on the scene just saying they weren't that close, they could smell it. this is video with the smoke in the distance, fire trucks on the scene. flames shooting out from that house there. >> really just terrifying. we want to take you back from a live look. wow, what a difference just hours have made. firefighters have made progress on this now we see this plume of smoke. >> let's bring in captain bobby silva. first thanks for joining us. i know over the past couple hours a challenging afternoon. describe what you encountered when you came on the scene. >> we got on the scene there was a small roadside gras
disappeared behind closed doors. nick smith joins us live from berkly. nick? >> you know a possible strike is only days away. today board members met face-to-face. both sides tell meeg they hope an agreement can be reached within the next two days. >> if you want us to bargain you have to cooperate. we cannot bargain with our self autos this morning the bart board got an earful from frustrated commuters and union representatives pushing for an agreement. >> we do not want a disruption of service. and hope you do not. >> a looming deadline means bart is closer to uting brakes on service, leaving thousands without a way to get around. >> i hope they get settled soon. i'm starting a new job. i need bart badly. i work in the city. i've got to go to work. >> they issued a notice sunday at midnight. the board held a closed door session to talk about the looming crisis. the first time all board members met since june. >> the boards suggest am excited we want to get this done this weekend. >> we haven't been able to snare a group setting our experience to see if we can make this work. >> closed do
tomorrow, and do it. so far among 36,000 firefighters here there have been two minor injuries. the u.s. forest service is investigating how it started more than a week ago. >> john, thank you. a community memorial planned to mourn the loss of a vacation spot use bid families for almost a century. the fire turned the 91-year-old camp no a pile of ashes and rubble. the video shows what the camp looked like just days ago and what it looks like now. most camp buildings have been leveled. the camp was evacuated on tuesday. the staff able to save documents. >> we weren't able to safe everything but were able to get a lot out. >> there is so many memories to share here, you can e mail them to us at you report at kgo-tv.com. a candle light vigil plan forward 8:00 tonight at berkeley civic center park. also today officials close that had city family camp for the rest of the season because of the fire threat. >> a nearly 150,000 acres the rim fire now ranks 13th biggest in state history and doesn't have to go far to move up that list. so far, it's cost $20 million to fight and taking a bite out
down just a short time ago to tell us they're not happy with the governor's decision and they wish he'd waited longer. >> it's really the only guarantee to make sure we have train service. >> now governor indicated he will seek a court ordered cooling off period to keep trains running focus will be on getting a deal done. >> we're talking about the economic proposals and hoping to see movement on their part. >> we wish the governor had not made an announcement and he was going to seek a cooling off period because it would have been better if both parties felt pressure necessary to arrive at a deal. >> unions indicated last two days are any sign a final agreement could be far off. >> given 30 days and this seven days with no movement, little resistance to bargaining in good faith it does not serve the purpose whaft public expects nor what members expect. >> we're at the table all day yesterday. >> the lead negotiator told us how it goes when a mediator is invfled. two sides rarely meet >> a lot of times it's down to mediators not across the table. easier to take things from one room to
ago. at the hearing larry rogast told us he doesn't want the death penalty for naiso. >> i don't want him going to death row. that is too good for him. there are too many folks in death row. he's got internet access, media access, books, libraries. i want a main line prison without, life without. >> the prosecutor tried to link each of the four victims to naiso by showing a list of the women and momentos including photographs police found at his home, and in a safety deposit box also reminding jurors of dna found on two of the murdered victims. the judge stopped the hearing, worried jurors may have seen a sign on this truck in the parking lot that said "joseph naiso murdered my sister january 11th, 1977" ending with a plea for money. the judge was afraid it may have influenced jurors who saw it which could result in a mistrial. most of the session focused on the potentially damaging affects of the sign. larry told us he was broke and wrote the sign hoping to raise money. >> my intent to get to the public to get help to stay here to finish up the trial. >> determining jurors had not se
to a productive settlement. this panel will be taking testimony here in the bay area. abc 7 news is live for us in oakland. laura? >> we're there, today, here at the caltrans building we're told the governor's committee will get to it. we're told the governor wants their report done and on the desk by friday. >> with the strike averted for another week, bart workers and supporters took time to rally in oakland wondering if a seven day review of negotiations will come out in their favor. >> i think the governor did it because bart proved inept at bargaining with to us get a deal. we want a contract. we're motivated but there is another agenda going on on bart management side. >> the union claims negotiators barely have been at the table and when they have, have bargained in bad faith. >> we've offered several proposals. >> the bart spokesperson says the claims are untrue. >> we negotiated good faith put morgue money on the table, raising our salary proposal. so it's thoufl hear them calling it productive. it only went in one direction, that was us. >> the governor is prepared to impose the cooli
to the cause of justice. >> clinton, a former lawyer, senator and secretary of state used the occasion to denounce the u.s. supreme court's decision that struck a blow to the 1965 voting rights act. she believes that will limit access for people of color and the poor. >> citizens will be disenfranchised, victimized by the law instead of served by it that. progress towards a more perfect union will go backwards instead of forward. >> clinton says this is the first in a series of speeches she views on crucial issues restoring faith in government. which increases speculation she may be laying ground work for a 2016 rez yil run. she's not talking about it, her supporters are. >> in iowa they held a forum called madam president. the founder of emerge america trains women to run for office. she worked with clinton for years. >> i think there is tremendous excitement about possibility of the candidate sismt i think it's pent up excitement. i think many of us are dying to see a woman president. it's just time. >> 20167 is years away. >> we've gone up against hillary before. i think we'd welcom
union members still in talks. many tell us they hope to be at work tomorrow morning. we'll be here until a decision is reached. >> ama: commuters hope they will be there tomorrow as well. if there is a strike, there are many alternative transportation option for commuters. b.a.r.t. is offering bus service into san francisco, picking up passengers at the morning in these b.a.r.t. locations in the east bay, from 5:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. all of the commuters can get picked up to return home at the transbe a terminal in san francisco from 3:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. >> sam san transwill provide a shuttle. and caltrain may provide additional service as trains and crew availability permits. ac transit plans 0 add some transbay buses but doesn't know how many. the ferry will run 13 boats instead of eight, extra routes from oakland, alameda, vallejo, and south san francisco. golden gate transit will have no additional service. we have assembled a range of resources for you at abc7.com, including alternative transit options and real-time traffic maps and you can download the exclusive waves traffic a
a tribute. >>> still ahead on abc7 at 6:00. how protesters in the bay area believe the u.s. can stop the violence in egypt as another three dozen are killed in clashes. >>> a look at the massive effort began this weekend to recall a mayor accused of harassing a dozen women. >> what everyday item is causing a third of americans americans e nearsighted? >> carolyn: an unusual sighting it to. a mountain lion was season in san mateo county this morning. it was just before 3:00 a.m. when county officials received the sport -- report of the sighting. residents are being advised do not approach a mountain lion. >> now to the unrest in egypt. 36 people died when muslim brother ahold detainees tried to escape from a prison truck convoy in cairo. the convoy was carrying detainees rounded up during recent street violence between security forces and supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi. morsi belongs to the muslim brotherhood. egypt's interim government is considering a ban on the group. the death toll in egypt now stands around 900. and back here in the bay area, local egyptians are de
of ecstasy may have been destine forward the outside lands festival. vic lee joins us now with the latest. vic, what a story. >> yes. it s now, police showed us all of the ecstasy they confiscated here and it was a large amount. the police chief says good luck, did good timing and good police work. it happened sunday morning on the last day of the music festival. a tenant of an apartment on mission and 29th street called police at 9:00 a.m. saying someone tried to break into the building. responding officers saw a broken wind skbro a blood trail. they followed to it another apartment. >> he answered the door officers observed his hand bleeding. >> they went inside to see if someone else was hurt and saw steven terrell. police found something else. ecstasy. also called molly or mdma. 23 killies of powder, 30,000 pills and 30,000s ndz cash. >> the narcotics on the table over here have a street value in excess of $1.5 million. >> investigators believe mate have been headed to the music festival. it turns out most arrests were only for are alcohol. >> we made a couple arrests not many for pos
that had the chp wrapped up it's review. sources with knowledge of the investigation tell us their conclusion no criminal charges will be filed against anyone. the chp wanted to see if anyone was criminally negligent. they focused on the driver and the owner of the company. sources tell us at the end of july the chp decide there'd was no evidence to press criminal charges against the two men, then, suddenly brown's eflt straifrked wife, rachel hernandez brown said the two argued on his cell phone before the fire as he was driving. >> i'm sure cohave saved them. you know? he was too busy on the phone. >> hernandez brown charged her husband was playing music to loudly and not paying attention. investigators renewed their probe of brown. sources tell abc 7 news the chp reviewed a cell phone record determining that he had not been on the phone with his wife during the fire and that interest there was no other evidence to charge him criminally. the confusion -- conclusion sthait was the result of a failure. the stretch limousine bursed hoo flames. the fire killed five women. four
and run accused of hitting a pedestrian. the victim tells us he's relieved. >> it's been difficult for me, my family. and everybody around me sints accident, because i'm not the same person he suffers from affects of a severe brain injury. he has no sense of smell or taste and says he lacks energy. when struck he was thrown into the air, landing head first on the street. police say witnesses and security video point to world class try athlete meredith kessler as the driver of the black jeep that struck the man. it happened march 27th. he and his wife own this store near the at and t ballpark. he was in a crosswalk say the suv was turning on to counsel yend. court documents obtained by abc 7 news say that the driver briefly stopped and chekd on the victim, then returned to her vehicle and drove off. a security video showsshe stayed a few minutes before she left. the district attorney says that is a crime. >> you have an on bli investigation to stop, identify yourself, if we have people injured, if you're not going to render aid you should try to get someone tols do so. >>> a security camer
morning commute hours they're using 580. no other cuts are allowed on 580. >> there are 400 workers on the bridge that day. >> construction schedule has something called breathing room in it. there is a slim chance we're not going take tuesday morning openings. >> so the only back up this evening at the bay bridge is the as fault trucks lined up and ready to deliver they're coming to pleasanton. chp tells us a 25-30 minute commute. and that black affect is two inches of new asphalt when everything opens. >> now the bridge closure made a mess of the commute. take a look at the commute above highway 101. you can see it's very heavy. it's been slow here all afternoon. >> good evening to you. taking a look outside i want to show thu picture it's looking packed out there under foggy, cloudy conditions you can see northbound direction taillights heading into the fog z over towards marin county. it's packed throughout the city, san francisco before getting to the bridge so let's go now to mill valley we've got a beautiful shot of 101. you can see there is lots of traffic at a stand still.
authority told us last week, as far as opening date goes, everything is wide open, anything is possible. do expect shorter advance notice than hoped. >> just four days left to reach a deal between bart and unions. negotiations underway right now but if a contract knlt be hammered out workers could strike again as soon as monday. >> this morning a spokesperson says management was ready to burn midnight oil, excuse me, sorry. two unions involved in these negotiations also said the same and it really depends on the mediator and whether or not he thinks progress is being made. they have not come out this morning so we have yet to get updates on the progress f any of the negotiations. the budget committee was spending bart of the morning and afternoon explaining it's proposal to union reps. now, bart says every employee will see a net increase in their salaries. whether or not union accepts it is anyone's guess. but right now, very to tell you, this is a good sign, the fact they're still in there. it's about, few minutes after 6:00. there is still in there. they're in there, we'll be out here re
. >> if you capture photos in the bay area you can e mail us or share your images with us at facebook.com/abc 7 news, we also on twitter. >> wildfire forced two bay area camps to evacuate. the sthird on alert right now. san francisco camp mader cancelled a weekend event for teens. family camp sent 80 students and staff home yesterday. it's now more than 10,000 acres destroying two homes and threatening 2500 more homes, you can't get there on highway 120. it's closed in both directions. our dry conditions played a part in this large grass fire broke out this afternoon at camp parks used by army reserve for training. investigateors say a smoke grenade caught dry grass on fire. 157 acres of grass burned but the fire is out now. if driving along 580 you probably saw the smoke today. >> a jury handed down a guilty verdict in the trial of a serial killer. it was an unusual trial. we're now flif marin county. dan. >> he was back in his cell here probably rethinking that move to act as his own attorney n june i uncovered evidence of a possible fifth victim. the name of sarah dwrinl was brough
willing to sit out? >> as long as it takes but understand, none of us want to go on strike. fdiu does not have the power force a strike. bart has the power force a strike that. is what they're doing. >> thank you for sharing the story with us. you can see this rally is only going down to bart headquarters. leaders have told me unless management comes with a different offer they'll give notice to strike. we've learned members of occupy oakland plan to infiltrate the crowds.ñycÑ i can tell you opd isf[ñ on stad by. again, what we leave here we'll follow crowds down to bart headquarters and that is where they are scheduled to march down broadway. >> now, schl there any word on the 72 hour notice? >> n koit come at any moment possibly at the end of the rally or later tonight. talks went from about 11:00 to 4:00 this afternoon. how did it go? union leaders weren bart board s things are not going well at all. union leaders were uncharacteristically unwailing to talk today, teams were at the table bart spokes people rolled out charts they say show how bart workers are the very rare public
it there. >> not just blerts. a president can use the wireless emergency alert program to send a message and government agencies can also let you know of an imminent threat in the area like extreme weather or a chemical spill. most cell phone companies don't charge for alerts. some people today said in theory it sounded like a good program but reported some trouble witness saying it disappeared when trying to find it or there was a lack of helpful information or links. >> i don't know what happened. said it was an amber alert, then gave me a car, then, then it went aby. >> ifjrÑ/ you have questions abt the program or would like to learn how to opt in or out you can go to our web site abc 7 news.com and click on see it on tvn san jose, abc 7 news. >> family of a missing oakland woman meeting with reporter to try to get out more information about her. her family released two new photos of her. she was last seen in her home in north oakland sunday evening. she's 50 years old wearing a black and white shirt with dark jeans. she's a death penalty expert and an investigator with the federal d
towards us. j just sluggish, looks like traffic moving just better all be it it is afternoon rush. so we're going to be seeing heavy traffic. and is so not too bad this is going away. last souls are making it on the old span. going to the golden gate right now. folks making that drive on alternate routes over next several days you can see traffic is starting to slow just a little bit. from and into san rafael. it's building you've got a little bit of low clouds and fog there to hug you along the way. let's go to our waze app it's packed on streets that flank the freeway. you can see just nothing but single digits here. six miles per hour. you're down to 11 miles per hour so slow traffic you want to give plenty of time and don't forget you want to down load abc 7 exclusive waze app. now drivers may be taking advantage of the slow pace to take insights from the span one last time. carpoolers this morning were know stallic about the old span. many taking thursday and friday off to avoid detours and some are taking tuesday off. they don't want to be the foirs tryout the span. >> i'm just ner
in the northbound direction you're headlights coming towards us. you can see how slow up to 580. so slow conditions indeed. taking a look at the san mateo bridge that is that 30 minute commute heading out of foster city. slow going with an early report of an accident that is clear. no crashes to report but it's slow because of the congestion. it's a stand still this is in the city before you head over to golden gate. you can see we've got nine miles per hour speeds, eight miles per hour, slower in places. and you can join our group. carolyn? ama? over to you. >> now, we've got%i(u sky, excue me, sky 7 technology. hello to dick. where are you now, dick? >> well, laila i'm southbound on highway 880 going through oakland just coming up to the 23 avenue off ramp. i just made trek through marin county over the bridge down 80. i can tell you east side has been good so far slowing a little bit at university avenue. on westbound 80 until getting past that maze for the bridge off ramp. and so that is something of a traffic congestion area there with destruction. that marin commute has been horrible. as just
. the chief sent a memo reminding firefighters of a 4-year-old policy prohibiting the use of recording devices. the fire department says it's a privacy issue. >> you're in a medical crisis. would you want people coming into your home filming everything?o+w&t and phone shallly posting it on facebook? >> the fire department says the pictures have been useful and the department will consider making changes to the policy. >> funeral services held today for the 49-year-old woman magda gonzales, killed last week when struck about a tractor at san jose city college. this cut shorlt a mother's dream of helping others like herself. >> hardest thing for her family is to see a life not yet fulfilled. they flew from as far as arizona and texas to remember the 49-year-old san jose resident who was killed while struck by a construction tractor. she'd gone there to register for fall class autos she wanted to become a social worker. and try to help teen-age pregnant women get back on their feet and go in the right direction. as well as work with alcoholics and drug addict autos she was a straight a student sh
us bart might want to follow the lead of ac transit. the bus system and union reached an agreement last night 90 win mins before a strike deadline. workers will get a 9.5% raise over three years and have to start paying for aa]mp portionf their benefits. >> i feel real good. wonderful. yes. passengers are happy. i'm surely happy to be at work. >> this is a big relief. i hope bart takes note we're able to come together and reach an agreement in a timely fashion. it didn't affect everybody. >> the contract must now be ratified by a union vote covering 1800 drivers mechanics and clerical workers. ac transit areas 180,000 passengers every weekday. >> a 1-year-old baby boy and his father were shot and killed overnight. the 20-year-old andrew thomas and his son, drew were advise yilting family. police say at leastegjlx gunman shot through a bedroom window. two in town for a relative birthday party extending their stay to attend a fun ravel another family member shot and killed over the weekend. >> i mean, the violence needs to stop. because too many innocent people are getting killed fo
is being held against her will but is safe and will be returned to us. >> a tip line has been set up. there is also an e mail address, find sandra coke @ gmail.com. all of the information is posted on our web site. >> we're following breaking news right now. skyline college closed for the evening, classes are cancelled. about an hour and a half ago police locked down the campus because of reports of a man near the college with a weapon. about 20 minutes ago the college posted a message letting students know classes have been cancelled. >> they're talking again but there is no indication bart and unions are closer to a deal. negotiators are meeting today. cornell? >> yes. both sides are bargaining once again. with no sign of the settlement or a strike for that matter. short time ago the board issued that statement to avoid a cooling off period bit governor. at this point that teams likely. riders say uncertainty has been stressful. >>. >> i hope everything gets resolved to people can get to work on time. >> get it together so we can get to work. >> both sides returned to bargaining fo
will have to use other entrances if they want to visit the park. >> nannette, thank you we have more information the park will remain open but will take you longer to get there. so what will it be like when you arrive? george warren is in yosemite valley tonight. standing here on the valley floor it's hard to believe that a massive forest fire is burning just five miles outside of the kound dri. the service would like us to help spread the word despite the rim fire yos sem city still open for business. >> the fire that is outside of yosemite is kind of the closest thing. so what's happening is that the fire is being associated with yosemite. and it's outside of the boundaries of yosemite national park. >> camp grounds are full. the crowds are said to be normal. >> we're getting calls and suggest visitors don't cancel the trip to yosemite. >> so far, the biggest impact of the fire has been the closure of highway 120. and unless there is a major shift in the wind the park service suspect next days to be a typical august weekend. >> spencer christian will be in to update us with conditi
it doesn't happen needly. we'd see cloudiness increase giving us time to make adjustments so there would be no disruption in water service to customers. >> it keeps muni rolling two out of three power houses are off line, power lines could endanger firefighters. pg&e is selling power to the city to makeup the difference. >> we've lived through this before. there have been other fires in the water shed here. and the same event has occurred we can see higher cloudiness in the hechy water and it's -- we're able to manage and protect the sfli. >> water officials hope they can offer the same protection this frim a fire that is still raging. >> strike seems being asked to help the fire tonight. the city strike team is at the fire putting their gear together this morning. all signed up for special training expect being to be deployed between five and 10 day autos firefighters will be joining 2000 areas and others living close to the front lines in a base camp. >> an army of fire injen -- engines at the ready. >> about 2000 firefighters is important to make them comfortable. >> temperatures will
. >> that's fantastic. i use b.a.r.t. probably four or five days a week, and if they went on strike, it would cause have vac in the -- havoc in the bay area. >> in july the bart workers went on strike for four days after their contract expired. both sides agreed to extend the contract for one month. the unions were set to strike this monday. then governor jerry brown stepped in. the unions think the order is a delaying tactic that will benefit management. >> i'm afraid negotiations have stalled. and when the 60-day was called, it was going to be stalled. >> as the director, i and my colleagues will be placing pressure on the continuation of negotiations. >> the new deadline to reach an agreement is october 10th at midnight. if they don't reach a settlement by then the governor cannot call anotherring-off period and the unions could strike. >> negotiations resumed soon after the judge's order came down. both sides are meeting again right now, but without the pressure of a midnight deadline. sergio quintana is live in oakland. >> they returned to the negotiating table just a few hours
. the weather is making their effort more difficult. leigh glaser shows us why. >> it was really a hot day out there on the fire lines and a gusty winds, reported gusts to 35 miles per hour in the higher terrain there. we're giving you a good sense of that plume of smoke that's being created by these fires. and it's moving as far north as south lake tahoe. they're reporting very poor air quality. current readings, temperatures in the upper 80s. hot out there. humidity at only 17%. very dry. those winds southwest gust to 30-plus miles per hour. tomorrow not a lot of relief here. 90. those winds will pick up as well. there is a chance of some dry lightning as we head into tuesday night and wednesday, something they do not need. ama. >> leigh, thank you so much. john alston joins us live from tuolumne county with a look at the fire tonight. >> reporter: this has been one of the nagging trouble spots all afternoon. behind me that road behind me is the road that leads up to berkeley camp. as best we can tell, that is still apparently threatened by the fire that's burning behind me. fire crews appar
of the bridge for up to five days before we can use it. abc 7 news begins our live team coverage on this. wayne, no time left for a big celebration? >> no. not really. it's been 24 years since loma prieta hobled the eastern span of the bay bridge. in the years since, engineers and all of the people running this project say we have been lucky. they don't want a replay that. factored into the decision this morning. take a look at the ride we've taken for decades. the ride now has end date, august 28th. >> so there second, and we can pause on that. >> back owe-to-a labor bayday weekend opening. the federal government and independent engineers agree temporary shims will render the bridge safe for traffic. >> existing bridge is the one folks ought to be worried about. we've got two structures out there. side by side. and there is no contest between which is safer. >> traffic flow tends to decrease on those dates. it will be mop up work, mostly. >> the bridge is pretty much done. work, construction work that needs to be done over labor day is cut in work at either end. everything in the middle is pre
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